Kobalt 300 Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set Review


I have started to build a collection of tools for working around the house, and fixing my car. Having the best quality tool for the job is always the best option, but not always the most affordable one. As a handyman, DIYer, and total cheapskate, I could not justify to myself the astronomical prices that are demanded by the best tool companies (e.g. Snap-On). I also didn’t want to settle for the cheapest Walmart or dollar store tools I could find. I found a balance in the mid-low budget tool market that is dominated by Pittsburgh (Harbor Freight), Kobalt (Lowe’s), Craftsman (Sears), and Husky (Home Depot). There are also a smattering of online only tools brands that I won’t talk about. The tools these companies sell are affordable, decent enough quality, and come with a lifetime guarantee. After much hemming and hawing over which tool brand I should start my collection with, I decided on a Kobalt 300 piece set. This was my experience.

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